Shentek Technology CO. , LTD is a manufacturer and design company based in Taipei, Taiwan.
We offer our partners ODM design and the “shentek” brand.



• Become a world-class leader in IT peripherals
In order to become a leader in IT peripherals, Shentek is committed to providing customers with high quality products and timely service. To achieve this goal, we offer a complete solution and submit the following statement to our customers, employees and partners.
• For customers
In order to achieve high customer satisfaction and high loyalty as the ultimate goal, Shentek will provide timely customer service and technical support during pre-sale, sale and even after-sales in 2009. Shentek’s professional production of highly compatible products and timely response, this is The best guarantee for the customer.
• For employees
Shentek will provide well-designed training courses to ensure that all employees are becoming more professional in the field of IT peripherals and best customer service to reach their full potential. In addition, Shentek will ensure that employees grow with the company and share benefits.
•To partners
Based on the belief of symbiosis and common prosperity, Shentek is always looking for a long-term partner with whom we can work together to grow and become a world-class leader in the IT peripheral market.


1. Global thinking, local action
Shentek’s customers are located all over the world and shentek needs to provide global solutions. However, the solution also needs to be cost effective. Therefore, Shentek decided to design and produce high quality products in Taiwan to meet the requirements. Shentek’s professional design team has extensive experience in IT peripherals, especially in the areas of connectivity such as USB, Serial ATA, RS232 RS422 RS485 and Ethernet. All research is focused on seamless connectivity and perfect compatibility.
2. Lean production
First, Shentek determined that the value of the connection to be provided is compatible, regardless of the age or up-to-dateness of the device. Second, the choice of materials or components, manufacturing, and even the final test production process are all reliable, all of which need to follow well-defined SOPs and rigorous testing procedures until all pass the reliability test. Shentek fully implements the principles of innovation, quality and service; improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Shentek is also committed to improving product quality and customer service to achieve the perfection of customer symbiosis and permanent operation!


Since its inception, shentek has been adhering to the principles of integrity, lean and innovation, constantly creating a highly skilled workforce, improving product performance and compatibility, and researching and innovating in development to overcome new challenges in the IT industry.
Shentek emphasizes teamwork by providing the latest technology, timely after-sales service and high-quality products to fully meet the needs of customers. Shentek will also continue to maintain technological innovation, guarantee quality and provide the best service for IT peripheral adapters, add-on cards or any other related products. Shentek is always committed to developing first-class products and is committed to the company’s sustainable operation.
More importantly, shentek has been looking for long-term partnerships that can grow and support each other in the IT market. Shentek, welcome any partner who wants to achieve perfect connection, become a world-class or leader in the IT peripheral market!