U.2 Low Profile PCI Express Card
Shentek 52050 x 4 PCI Express to SFF-8643 Adapter for PCIe NVMe U.2 SSD Card shentek releases 1 port U.2 SFF-8639 ( NVMe M.2 SFF8639 ) PCI Express x 4 lanes Card. The card allows to add U.2 HDD 2.5" to your system. That transfer rate is up to 32Gbps. What is fast storage for [...]
Industrial USB to 4 port RS232 Adapter
Shentek 11004 USB to 4 port RS232 Adapter Industrial FTDI Serial Converter High Speed 921.6kbps transfer rate Din Rail Wall Mount Kit design https://youtu.be/c8YIAmqQtXc shentek releases USB to 4 port RS-232 Adapter Industrial Serial Converter The product supports 15KV ESD protection for all Serial ports, it is great way to protect your USB Host port. [...]