Compact Industrial 8 port 10/100 Ethernet Switch Item No. 11048


We have introduced some example of automatic robotic arms. Today we are going to introduce the application of closed-circuit television used in factories.
Monitoring all the manufacturing process through CCTV needs higher transmission speed than controlling robotic arms. The serial port can’t meet the needs. If you change to other converters, you need one more power cord for each one. Wires are too many causing too tough to manage, and also increase risk. 8 port Network Switch can solve the problems about wires mixed up and insufficiency of speed.
With a network wire connecting computer and Network Switch, then connecting Network Switch and CCTV. Because of shentek’s Network Switch has the spec of PoE (item number 11049, power over Ethernet), except the Network Switch, CCTV connected by network wire don’t need a power cord extra.
The transmission speed of Network Switch is up to 1Gbps. It can provide power to other devices connected to it. It not only saves cost but increases efficiency. Network Switch PoE would be helpful for ones who pursue speed and own a lot of devices.

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