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RS232 Mini PCIe Cards Prodcuts.

Shentek mainly develops all products related to RS232 / RS422 / RS485.
For the quality of the product, we care about the customer's feelings, so the quality is absolutely the highest.
Do you think that the number of ports is too small and too many attachments are very annoying.
Is there any ups and downs in work efficiency?
In addition to the RS232 adapter box, you can also consider the add-on card for the PCIe interface.
In addition to the usual 1-port / 2-port / 4-port / 8-port on the market, the R&D team has also developed other 16-port / 32-port.
If you need more ports or custom specifications, please contact us!
B M key M.2 to Mini PCIe Card adapter
B M key M.2 to Mini PCIe Card adapter
SALE -10%
$28.90 $25.90


$28.90 $25.90

Supports Mini PCIe Card

B /M Key M.2 slot

supports PCIe * 1 lane signal  – B M Key and Mini PCIe

supports USB signal – B key and Mini PCIe

Supports Mini PCIe Card size Full size and Half size

None Driver needs for 52072